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Calm Workplace - A New Way to Address Workplace Stress

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Organisations are coming under increasing pressure to deal with the issue of workplace stress. A combination of regulatory pressures, increased litigation and attempts to cut down on sickness absence, especially long term, has raised the profile of the problem. It is estimated that 13 million days are lost annually with an annual loss to the economy of 7 billion pounds.

The introduction of new stress management standards by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has clarified what is expected of companies as have recent judgements by the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords. Calm Workplace has been designed to meet these new standards as well as deliver material benefits to both the employee and employer. The navigation at the top of the page will link you to information about our products.

Calm Workplace is made up of three elements, each performing a defined role within the three stage intervention approach identified by the HSE.

A primary intervention allows an organisation to identify if they have a problem with stress and where and how it manifests itself. A secondary intervention is designed to support and advise staff about how to prepare for and cope with stressful situations. Tertiary intervention delivers support to those who have developed problems and may be already absent from work.

Calm Workplace - Work Related Stress Audit is a questionnaire based tool which incorporates the new HSE management standards questionnaire as part of a risk assessment in a primary intervention. It supports Internet based delivery as well as manual data input. Calm Workplace - Work Related Stress Audit combines ease of use with a low total cost of ownership.

Calm Workplace is a 'psychoeducational' programme delivering practical advice on stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. It combines both an assessment of an individual's problem with a practical personal programme on what to do to alleviate the symptoms.

Calm Workplace was developed by Ultrasis plc.